Winter in Brisbane

So the day trip began at Southbank, a beautiful area of Brisbane full of galleries, parks, and other fun things to do.

Our first stop was the Queensland Art Gallery; which had a super cute restaurant and garden located just outside of the entrance, but still connected to the inside of the gallery.


My outfit for the day consisted of a super comfy playsuit by ‘keepsake’ the label, which i then actually turned ‘back to front’ and layered over a simple white shirt. As we were walking a lot, i needed to have my hands free to take heaps of great pics, so i opted for a simple cross body bag (marc jacobs ‘percy’). And finally my trusty ‘rubi’ boots, to toughen up the outfit, and to keep my feet from getting too sore!

I also paired a cute denim jacket with this look because there was a little bit of a breeze, it’s not shown in any of the pictures but there is a picture of it with the rest of the outfit on my instagram if you want to check it out!





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