Clean lines ft The fifth.


Really been loving clean lines and boxy shaped clothing pieces lately.

I think its a great way to play with the dimension and proportion of your outfits. This black and white striped top by ‘the fifth’ (a great Australian brand), I have been loving because the shape is really interesting. I call it my ninja or varsity football top because thats what it reminds me of! 🙂


You can’t really tell in the picture, but the sleeves are quite wide, creating a really cool boxy shape. I also love that it is quite cropped, allowing me to utilise all of my high waisted jeans, especially my favourite ‘bardot’ black ones featured above.

I have been loving the contrast that these items creates; between the wide, boxy, cropped top and the high waisted skinny leg jeans.


Check out the top now on Fashion Bunker (BNKR), its on sale for $19.95!!!! – over 50% of!!! woooo


Sorry if this post wasn’t super interesting, with have some more outfit post up soon!

xx Margot

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